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About Us

About Us

Chinese-American Higher Education Institute serves to
enhance the educational exchange, communication, and cooperation between China and America.


Chinese-American Higher Education Institute (CAHEI) was founded in 2016 with headquarters at 110 Wall Street, Manhattan, New York, United States. It is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization and public charity registered in the state of New York and approved by the IRS.

The organization strives to optimize the study industrial chain, to provides free, unbiased, high-quality information. Using the Edtech platform and all available government and private resources for undergraduate and graduate students from the People’s Republic of China who either are studying or who plan to study at colleges and universities in the United State of America. To help Chinese students acclimatize to the Higher education environment in the United State, which is very different from that in China, and to provide full-service from school application to job seeking for all students in the United States.The organization also help Higher Education Institutions in the United State recruit Chinese students and expand their Chinese market.


Supported by the “Chunhui Project” of the Ministry of Education of P.R.China, CAHEI established Project Xingzhi, which is endorsed by the Education office of the Consulate General in New York. The team is committed to utilizing leading technology, including big data, modeling and algorithms, artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology to education industry in order to generate scientific solutions for both students and higher education institutions in US to match each other, to provide accurate forecasting and recommendation for international students. Furthermore, CAHEI shares information with US colleges and universities, government organizations, private enterprises and other institutions to forecast the trend of international students and employment, eliminate the information asymmetry and non-transparent information about Chinese students community.


Since its establishment, CAHEI has coordinated a variety of activities designed to facilitate exchange. These activities have included a series of influential seminars, lectures, workshops and other events involving the topics of education, technology, culture communication and career development. CAHEI has also assisted top companies from China in holding several info session, campus recruiting and career fairs with more than 3,000 people attending. Our clients including several public companies including Chinese eastern airline and new oriental education company, 51 jobs. We help them to do information session and campus recruiting at Harvard, University of Chicago, Columbia University, UCLA and so on.

CAHEI owns social media channel such as Wechat official account, with 10k subscribers, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. The stories and experiences of Chinese students studying in the U.S, exclusive interviews with professionals from different industries, and hot news reviews have been read over one million times.

CAHEI has built a communication bridge between China and the U.S, creating an exclusive channel for educational and cultural resource sharing between China and the U.S.

Think Different,

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The Team

The Team

At CAHEI we are proud to have over 20 of the most enthusiastic and dedicated individuals. We are all passionate about what we do, from customer services & online marketers to board directors, and every one of us is responsible for the continued success of CAHEI. Click on a photograph to find out more about us...
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Bao Lei
Bao Lei

Bao Lei

Board of Director

Tim D.
Tim D.

Tim D.

Board of Director

Cliff E.
Cliff E.

Cliff E.


Jing Huo
Jing Huo

Jing Huo


We Are Thankfull. $8,500 So Far!

Raised: $8,500
Goal: $100,000
The Mission

The Mission

CAHEI serves to enhance the educational exchange, communication, and cooperation between China and America.

1.Edtech: Machine Learning+ Big Data+ Cloud Computing Platform

  • Generating scientific solutions for both students and higher education institutions in US to match each other.
  • Providing accurate forecasting and recommendation for international students.
  • Increasing the success rate of students applying for dream schools.
  • Increasing the success rate of higher education institutions for seeking Chinese students.

2.Achieve China-US Higher education

  • Ensure that all Chinese students adp to U.S environments.
  • Break the non-transparent and asymmetry of educational information between China and the United States.

3.Promote career information and empower Chinese students

  • Make students keep abreast of recruitment information and timely understanding of employment policy. Help Chinese students to self-positioning for the future career both in U.S and China by 2018, and at all levels by 2020.

4. Improve communication between China and the United States

  • Building valuable relationships and creating dialogue with the US-China educational community.
  • Dynamic initiative aimed at developing next generation's global citizens.

Partners and Supporters

Supporting organisations

CAHEI receives support from a diverse set of Universities, organizations, and partners. We are grateful for each partner’s support as we envision a world in which this bridge year becomes a common expectation and opportunity—Higher education, and unleashing the potential of our next generation Chinese students as social innovators and global citizens.

CAHEI provide a wide range of practical support to improve how your organization involves including information, research, consultations, membership and specialist services.


Together We Can

Together We Can

Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You,

Ask what You Can Do For Your Country.

– John F. Kennedy



Holding activities for various resource exchange
Connecting enterprises needs and school education
Increasing extracurricular knowledge and social network














How You Can Help

How You Can Help

What have you done today? Do something amazing by helping change the lives of Chinese students. There are lots of ways you can make a difference:

  • 1

    Make Donation

    CAHEI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which makes all donations to us tax deductible. Make your donation by April 1st to ensure that it can be deducted this year’s taxes.

  • 2

    Become a Volunteer

    We hope you will join us in our work to improve global awareness. Join CAHEI will be the way to interact and experience a new culture while helping to improve education.

  • 3

    Tell Your Friends About Us

    Folks, help spread the word! The more people that know about us, the more useful our service becomes for everyone!

Contact Us

Contact Us

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110 Wall Street,
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